Our two-day shoot for Mattress World, Pittsburgh's largest mattress stores, took the company's branding to a whole new level. Our task was to help the client freshen their look and project a friendlier, girl-next-door image.

Director of Photography Brian Osmond, under the direction of Karen Lah, used an Arri Alexa camera with Zeiss lenses to achieve a film-style digital motion picture product. This high-end camera was recently used to shoot a commercial with actor Tom Cruise in Pittsburgh.

On day one, inside the WPXI studios, gaffer Scott Ripper used soft lighting to create a Cover Girl look for Mattress World spokesperson Brandi Engel. A camera dolly mounted on track was used to create smooth movements around Brandi and the custom bedroom set designed by Karen and producer Jessica Fera.

On day two, on location at the company's Robinson Township store, a CamMate jib hoisted the camera high over Brandi's head for the impressive opening shot, showcasing Mattress World's extensive inventory. The camera dolly followed Brandi as she moved through the aisles, adding movement to the spot and allowing even more merchandise to be featured.

A total of five new spots were created over the two-day shoot and are sure to turn heads in the Pittsburgh market. Most importantly, the client couldn't be happier.

Pittsburgh’s largest mattress stores, took the company’s branding to a whole new level